Learn how to Recognize and Develop
your Business Intellectual Properies

The way you conduct business, how you handle your customers, how you generate revenue, how you handle opportunities, disasters, and growth are part of your business intellectual properties.  By recognizing and having written records of intellectual properties can greatly enhacne the profitibility and long term growth of your business enterprise.  The physical manifestations of your unique intellectual property are sales records, customer relations and satisfaction surveys and other resources.  Sometimes, just modifying the way you market your goods and services greatly improves your profitability.

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As a profitable revenue center for your small business enterprise, your web presence must exist as an integrated marketing communications system, (IMC).  All social media posts, on‐line customer interactions, search engine optimization, (SEO), and search engine marketing, (SEM), must communicate The same and consistent message.  PC Doctor Is In builds this platform for you, and instructs you on how to successfully maintain integrated marketing communications specific to your web presence.

As a successful SBE, you must always a value added proposition for your clients and customers.   We assist you with increasing the value added proposition with increased search engine optimization, (SEO), and search engine marketing, (SEM), by:

  • Creating a handicap accessible Web presence for you;
  • Developing accurate schematic markup for your website;
  • Establishing Google Map Business and Bing Business Places profiles for your SBE;
  • Searching for other sites that currently link your site;
  • Assist you in creating YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles;
  • Give you a crash course of how to create compelling social media posts for your SBE;
  • Teach you how to post updates to your business on your Google and Bing Business profiles;
  • Teach you to be consistent your social media posts about your business;
  • Teach you that your social media profiles are not for social, political or family and friends posts;
  • Demonstrate that the brevity and consistent timely social media posts are better than long rambling posts.