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graphic of various marketing trending charts and the words IMC - Integrated Marketing Communications

As a small/medium sized business,(SMB), you are a data center in the Internet cloud.  Your website generates hundreds of millions of bytes of data each day.  You give this data away freely.   Let PC Doctor Is In assist and teach you how to retrieve and use this data.  By using this business intelligence and marketing data, your business becomes more efficient and more profitable.

Business Intelligence Solutions

graphic of sources of business intelligence As a profitable revenue center for your business, your web presence must exist as an integrated marketing communications system, (IMC).  This means that your website, all social media posts, on-line customer interactions, and search engine optimization, (SEO), and search engine marketing, (SEM), must communicate the same and consistent message.  PC Doctor Is In Web Development Services builds the foundation of this platform for you, and instructs you on how to successfully maintain your business specific IMC.

To be successful in business, your offerings must be a value added proposition for your clients and customers.  The knowledge of meeting the needs and desires of your clients and customers is your intellectual property.  The physical manifestations of your intellectual property are sales records, customer relations and satisfaction surveys and other resources.  Sometimes, just modifying the way you market your goods and services greatly improves your profitability.

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