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PC Doctor Is In is a small entrepreneurial concern that endeavors to provide high calibre web development and design services along with technical support to small and medium size businesses, (SMB), and non-profits.  We are able to provide these services by use of our educational, corporate, and volunteer experiences.  Additionally, we enter into joint ventures with other consultants who have core competencies that are needed as required as a backfill experience on some projects.

What is the PC Doctor Is In

photograph of an African American doctor sitting at a computer and working In order to be seen, you need a website that exists and works as a unified communications platform.  The components of this unified communications and marketing platform include the website, use of quality Search Engine Optimation, (SEO), integrated appointments calendar, social media, and a properly functioning Customer Relations Management system, (CRM).

We offer solutions that use innovative application of industry standards to assist you in becoming more profitable in your business.  We assist you in making your Internet presence a marketing to that draws potential customers and clients to you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.  Furthermore, we endeavor to communicate with you in a manner that permits you to have a sufficient understanding of the services and software that we provide to greatly enhance your web presence into a profit center for your business.

The PC Doctor Is In relies on properly implementing industry and international standards.   We recommend technologies and methodologies that ave a proven track record.  Because we occasionally institute a proof of concept for a client, we will recommend technologies and methodologies that do not have a proven track record.

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