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Services Provided by the PC Doctor Is In

Web Services

Back end Development

young girl punching keys on laptop

We use LAMP technologies which are Linux based to provide you with a website that includes the hosting of the files and email. Many dynamic web sites use these technologies to give your clients a more enjoyable browsing experience. This includes location services, industry trends, streaming video and/or large easy accessible repositories of data.

Front end Design

business woman at desk with tons of calculation rolls and paperwork everywhere

In the early days of the Internet, all of the pages one saw were individually built with elements in common rebuilt one each individual page and a heavy dose of graphics. Today, with the use of HTML, Javascript, and CSS, we can build complex pages that are small and compact. This occurs because of the use of modulized programming. And, a significant number of graphical effects are available through programming. This includes background gradients, shading, borders, and dynamic tabular dimensions.

Hosting Services

animated highway coming from computer monitorA hosting package is required in order for others to find your web presence and view your content. Annual renewal of hosting fees is recommended as it is less expensive. Yet, we will accept monthly payment for sites that are growing exponentially and need monthly or quarterly updating of resources. Social networking and some eCommerce sites are examples of exponetial growth sites.

We recommend using short names unless you have something that is so extraordinary that it can be remembered such as aintgotcleanclothes.com, (A’int Got Clean Clothes dot COM).

Our hosting packages can accomodate the distribution of High Definition Video streaming. We recommend 16:9 size formatting so that you can use your video content on subscriber lines such as satellite and/or cable television.

Cloud Consulting

We and our affiliates offer consultation on development and installation of private or public cloud services for entrepreneurs including hardware, software, and service provider recommendations. We discuss the pros and cons as well as the cost of ownership, and disaster recovery scenarios.

Other IT Services offered

Computer Networking

ethernet cables plugged into computer managed hub

We can build hardwired networks, wireless, and a combination of the two for you. We use Ethernet cable unless you are in a electronically noisy environment where we would recommend Token Ring, shielded Ethernet or Token Ring cabling. We implement secure wireless networks, including 802.11 class "g" or class "n" technology. Because of the inherent insecurity of bluetooth, we normally do not recommend its usage unless synching mobile devices and desktop printing.

Office Automation

business woman at desk with tons of calculation rolls and paperwork everywhere

We make a survey of your business practices and recommend systems that will assist you in becomming more profitable in your business. Included in this survey are recommendations as to how to save data in order to effectively communicate with clients and other businesses who may not have as modern software.

Hardware Maintenance

wowan at desk on telephone with busted computer monitor to her right sideComputer systems are electromechanical systems that require preventive maintenance to maintain optium operating effeciencies. This preventive maintence includes routine defragging of hard drives, removal of temporry and junk files, and memory dumps created when programs end improperly. Protection from and removal of malware, viruses, spyware, and adware is included in these maintenance plans.

At times you need to purchase and install new systems and devices. As your IT staff, we implement the integration of this equipment seamlessly into your business operations.

Project Management

woman writing notes in daily planner

Not planning is planning to fail. As your consultants, we offer complete project management solutions. These solutions include definition of the project, implementation schedule, management of the design, implementation of the project, and final forensics of the total process. Our project management services covers projects of an IT nature including implementation of new technologies and training to implementation of community based computer centers. Our project management packages can include business plan development, business automation, and multimedia advertising. We use commerically available open source and/or proprietary project scheduling software.

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