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Design Projects

Below is a small sample of some of our past projects. The we still manage have links to them. Just click on the image.

Children Today Montessori Learning Center

thumbnail of the home page of Children Today Montessori Learning Center

      This is a responsive design that is viewable on all internet devicesa width of 480 pixels. This is a site for a private school with several pages that change on a monthly basis. As with all of the site that we design which have a brick and mortar location, one is able to obtain driving instructions to the physical location of the business.

      This site also contains links to the social media sites Facebook, Google for Business. In addition to parental reviews on this site, there are connections to the review sites Yelp and Kudzu.

If Instantfame Body Oils for Men and Women

Home page of If Instant Fame Fragences

      For small businesses, there is a need to have an Internet presence in order to expand their market reach. Because of the existence of of this site, this business owner has the ability to generate revenue twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This is a simple e-commerce site using PayPal links as the way to purchase products.

Rapid Electronic Repair

home page of Rapid Electronic Repair

      Brick and mortar consumer electronics repair business that has expanded its market reach by instituting an effective on-line presence to complement their off-line marketing efforts. In this new millennium, it is imperlative for small and medium sized businesses to combine their physical presence with an Internet presence.

      By creating a site that is search engine friendly and handicapped accessible, a business is able to capture a large share of the market that is largely ignored by most businesses.

Rapid Repair Co

home page of Rapid repair Company

      Companion site for Rapid Electronic Repair. This is one of several sites that assist in directing potential customers to the brick and mortar business that provides house-calls for the repair of consumer electronic devices.

Latin Life Mates

home page of Latin Lifemates

      This site is an Internet based arranged marriage site. With the revision of the site in 2007, a commercially available dating software was used to update the site. Unfortunately, the developers of the dating software have not adequately developed their software for enterprises that provide a hands-on experience for men looking for a bride through an Internet service. Therefore, this site was re-designed and developed with a properietary interface and backend based on MySQL and PHP.

Sandré Swanson

home page of Sandre

      When one is a candidate for office, it is important to have a website that effectively transmits your message. This is only a single part of a winning strategy. Not only should one’s web presence effectively transmit the message of the candidate, ancillary material important to the canpaign must be available to the press along with people and organizations who wis to generate independent campaign literature and ads.

Mortgage Endgame

Home page of Mortgage Endgame

      This is a membership fee based information site for homeowners in the United States wishing to fight the fraud in the Mortgage Industry pre-engineered by the Banks, Title Companies, and Government Sponsored Entities.

Save Our Family and Home

home page of Save Our Family and Home


Jason’s Joes and More

Home page of Jasons Joes and More eCommerce Store

      E-Commerce store with over 1700 items in inventory. This store is based on Open Cart.

Sandré Swanson Youth Foundation

Home Page of the Sandre Swanson Youth Foundation

      Website for the non‐profit, Sandré R. Swanson Youth Foundation. This site includes a minimum of thirteen, (13), pages. There are PDFs and videos that exist on this site. There are links to external resources for youth seeking jobs and schlorships.

BlackStar Denim, Limited

Home Page of BlackStar Denim, Limited

      Website for the designer jeans manufacturer, BlackStar Denim, Limit. This design is based on the minimalist website design that is prevelant in the denim designer wear industry. This site is fully responsive for mobile devices.

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