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Website as a Unified Communications and Marketing Platform

In order to be seen, you need a website that exists and works as a unified communications platform.  The components of this unified communications and marketing platform include the website, use of quality Search Engine Optimation, (SEO), integrated appointments calendar, social media, and a properly functioning Customer Relations Management system, (CRM).


Google, over the past few years, has engaged in a "Cold War" with developers by consistently changing their search engine guidlines at least once a quarter.  As a small/medium business owner, you need a web developer who has experience in these ranking wars and knows how to produce a cost effective marketing profit center.   You want to be found in the top 20 of the local Internet searches.

Social Media

Your website be an effective marketing and revenue generating tool on its own.  A more effective revenue center occurs when the website marketing message is uniformly and consistently spread through various social media platforms.   There is no consistent formula as to which social media platforms help to spread your message where your customers are.


A good customer relations management program is necessary for all small and medium sized businesses.  A properly configured CRM lets you analyze short-term and long-term trends amongst your customers.  With a CRM you can consistently engage with conversations with your customers which will produce more effective relations with your customers.

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